Cirus Foundation Launches Web Extension enabling users can earn Crypto

Cirus Foundation launched Cirus Web Extension which is its data monetization product. It is now available for download. Users all over the world can use this Google Chrome plugin to control and profit from their data for themselves. Payment will be done in crypto through the $CIRUS token.

Web users can access this first version of the Crius browser extension by downloading the extension directly to the Google Chrome browser. Users need to give the extension access to location data by going to the settings of the extension and turning on the surf n’ earn feature. After installing the extension users can use their browser normally and need to check in on their earning balance which will increase over time. It is the user’s first step in using data as an onramp to Web 3.0. Users will earn cryptocurrency in exchange for data. Soon the extension will also be available on other web browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

The members working behind the project planned to switch its strategy earlier this year. As per the decision launching the browser extension was done earlier than originally planned and much ahead of its hardware data collection router, Cirus Device. This will give web users all over the world the to join the Ownership Economy by monetizing their data for their own benefit. As per the team, the next version of the Cirus Web Extension is going to include a Data Vault so as to have further control on data.

Cirus Foundation Managing Director Michael Luckhoo said “With Web 2.0, corporations shared big data with advertisers and users merely received ‘free’ use of platforms and apps. The exchange occurred that way, in part, because micro-payments were not possible. Now.. fast forward to today, with the rise of crypto and web3, this is no longer an excuse. We must fit the people, who gave rise to a trillion-dollar industry, back into the equation. It’s about time.”

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