Breaking News from Crypto Business World (CBW) — Nov 14, 2020

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News Headlines -

Bitcoin’s growth sparks new dispute amid Coronavirus Pandemic -

Bitcoin’s rally over $ 15,000 has again started the discussion on whether the cryptocurrency is nominal digital gold or a hazardous risky bet as investors struggle with the coronavirus pandemic read more…

Bitcoin price reaches $16K, but it’s Ethereum that may sparkle in November-

After Bitcoin’s solid breakout beyond $15,000, analysts are observing toward Ether as the market sentiment about Ethereum strengthens.

The worth of Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching $16,000 after realizing $15,960 on Binance. Subsequent to the dominant cryptocurrency’s gathering, analysts are now observing toward Ether (ETH). The Ethereum blockchain’s natural token has seen heightened thrust in the past week. After underachieving against BTC in October, the chance of a new ETH rally is starting to increase read more….

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